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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Light Load Towel

Lightload Towels Two Pack (each 12x12 in. 30x30cm)The Only Towels That Save Lives! Travel, Hike, Outdoor
Through the years I have visited several cities in different countries, hiked a few trails, camped, etc.  So I've done a fair share of packing and let me tell you, IT'S A PAIN!!!.

The first thing I think about is obviously, what do I need and it varies from place to place, if am going to a resort, I know I wont be needing towels, but everything else, I need my own, but towels take up soo much space in your bag.  UNTIL NOW!  I received this pair of Light Load Towels perfect for ANYTHING.  It's a compact towel that opens to a hand towel and lasts a very long time.  It's super absorbent and has multiple uses as a towel, washcloth, mask, insulator, heat and cold protection, first aid supplement, duster, cleaner, etc.

The small circle in the middle is a towel in its compact form.  the yellow is the towel opened without being wet, my glasses are there for size comparison.  It's not rough to touch (which I found surprising but excellent)   very thin but again very absorbent.  Easy to wash to reuse.  and softens with water. 

Fits in your pocket, backpack, tackle box, glove compartment EVERYWHERE. a "real life saver"
Towels vary in price - to learn more or to buy visit their website http://ultralighttowels.com/

They also make BEACH TOWELS.. am soo getting one!  keep it in the car for unexpected beach days.  You know!! those days where you find yourself with nothing to do and just wish you had your towel to go to the beach (yeah, and bathing suit but mine is always in the car) 


  1. wow these would come in so handy here in florida I could use them on my walks in the heat

  2. ah, the beach towel version would be perfect for us here in hawaii!

    1. HAWAIIIII?????????? I love HI! last time I was there was in December cant wait to go back :)