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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chicwrap: Wrap that's chic :D

Hi!!! here's another for those kitchen that need some love on a low budget.  You dont need to make huge remodeling projects, just a few chic items and it becomes a makeover.  =) 

I have been given the opportunity to review "the world's best plastic wrap dispenser" from Chicwrap.  Beside its amazing style and design, it features a ZipSage slide cutter, 250' professional plastic wrap, sustainable wipe-clean design and non-skid rubber feet so while you're dispensing plastic the dispenser is not making a trip all over the countertop and the wrap is microwave safe.

Very fast shipping.  The box contained a roll of 250' plastic wrap, dispenser, all for only $9.99

Very easy to put together.  The dispenser is marked as to where the cutter goes and easily adheres. 

I love my design.  It is called modern dots.  I love the fading colors.  Most dots are gray and at the ends yellow dots begin fading in.  Super chic.  At times I leave it out of its place in the cabinet and I actually dont mind it as looks pretty cool and sleek.  Doesnt look like plastic wrap left out of place.  

Don't like the design I chose.  No worries, it's not the only one.  Choose between 6 designs pictured below you will want one of each.  =)







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