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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mistura Beauty Solution and Lip Plump

I was given Mistura Beauty 6 in 1 beauty solution as part of a product review.  Sooo what's all this??

It's Mistura Beauty 6 in 1 beauty solution Includes one powder compact of Mistura’s 6-in-1 Beauty Solution, one eye and lip applicator, Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer, Vitamin E Lip Treatment, a luxury retractable brush and a luxury drawstring pouch.

With this beauty solution you can actually replace concealer and foundation, helps you achieve that healthy natural glow and flawless look.  
"Mistura’s trademarked formula is heat activated and therefore works differently on everyone. The light refracting minerals and ultramarines glide over your skin like silk muting blemishes, redness and imperfections. Our Miracle Match Colour Blend Technology® guarantees perfect individualized results every time."  

Apply in the same way as you would compact foundation AFTER the Luminada Illuminating Moisterizer which is an odorless, milky-smooth moisterizer comes in an airless packaging, I use one pump and covers my entire face and neck.  The powder is very gentle to your skin, does not feel heavy and it does NOT look cake-y or cracked.  On the contrary, it stays smooth and fresh throughout the day.  Also easy to clean off your face at night.

With the powder compact, a little goes a long way for a flawless look, I added a little extra on the T-zone of my face for a tanned look. The pouch is very handy and elegant.  I keep everything in there to avoid misplacement and it's easily cleaned.

The vitamin E lip treatment is great too smooth as a chapstick.   Your lips need to be taken into account during your beauty routine and are often neglected.

The Plump and Glow lip glosses seen here is Kate and Reese shades, adds fullness to your lips.  It fills up all of the ridges on your lips for a nice hydrated pout.

These are my "naked" lips

Here they are with Reese

Kate does the best "filling" job for some reason.  Although I liked Reese's color better,

Both smell great. If you're looking for fuller, thicker lips.  I'd say this is a good solution.  Does not feel heavy on your lips, is very smooth and non-sticky.  Gorgeous packaging and great applicatiors

Recommended.  Mistura Beauty offers a 100% guaranteed return policy as well. 


Mistura Beauty products are 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied and you made your purchase in our online store, your product must be returned in its original packaging to: Mistura Beauty Inc., 5350 Canotek Rd, Unit 7, Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9C9. If you purchased at one of our retailers, please return with your receipt to the point of purchase. Product(s) must be returned within 30 days of receipt for a FULL refund less shipping. You must use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns."

Where to Buy:
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  1. Oh wow!! You have such nice plump lips to begin with. People pay good money to get lips like yours. Hmmmmmm When God passed out lips I must of thought he said ships and told him I didn't want one. My top lip is so thin that when I smile, my lip disappears.

    1. Thank you!!!! really?? I was offered a plump service once and the person's partner said to the salesperson "are you out of your mind" LoL (am corny you had to be there) there are tricks you can do with your lipstick to make your lips look fuller. Just go above your lip line ;) At times, I use concealer to make my lips look smaller lol but these lip glosses can also do the trick ;)

  2. hey thanks for the tips i cant wait to test it out!!!!!