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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is Technology corrupting the dating game??

I recently read the most adorable blog post entitled "Here's to the Liars and the Cheaters...." from Lady Million.  Her post made me think of how fortunate we are to have wonderful men in our lives <3  reading the comments made me wonder why are so few of us sooooo lucky more like blessed with these individuals that make our life that much more worth living happily.

So I started thinking:  Back in the days, people dated within their own town, close friends of the family, etc. and it seemed to work.  Nowadays, it's so different.  Long distance relationships, online dating sites, Facebook, back and forth with old and new friends.

Are some men eliminating the "rules" of the dating game now that any sort of meaningless relationship is so close to their fingertips?
It's so easy to meet new people and much easier than just going to a bar or a park or who knows where people went before Facebook to make friends.

Is their mindset focused on their ability to find a new date? How hard can it be anyway when they have 500-1000+ "friends" on Facebook.  "If this chick is crazy, I'll hit this one up", a "friend" of mine said.

Dating is so easy and yet so complex (I guess it depends on what you're looking to get out of your date) can it really be left open.  Will these men ever take any relationship seriously if in the back on their minds and on their social media platforms they will always have plan B or C, or D or E & F...etc.  always looking into what a person has to offer ME ME and ME as opposed to what can I offer him or her.

My thoughts here are all over the place, I know, I was just sayin'
It's just so fulfilling to find someone that you can rely on, that makes you smile on your worst days, to share kind gestures, etc. I just wish there were more relationships like that.  =)

That's all!  =)


  1. I don't really think it is corrupting the dating game! My fiance lives in England and I met him on a Website, been together over two years and have only spent 2 months in flesh last Summer! We also weren't looking for anyone either, and I've learned more about and communicated with him more than anyone else!
    We just feel like we belong together and have been placed far away to find one another, Soulmates we believe!
    I laughed at the thought before but, it happened!
    I wouldn't say it is for everyone though!

    1. WoW CONGRATULATIONS 2 years and counting... am so glad to hear this...we're very lucky to have wonderful relationships

  2. Agree, but online dating does seem to work for some people. I personally believe in meeting the person IN PERSON (LOL). Luckily for me, my BF has no FB, Twitter or anything, I do, but mostly because my family lives overseas. It works great!

    1. Right? it is soo much personal and narrows down the "options" I'd hate for someone to think of me as an option. And social media is great for keeping friends and family in touch.. My family also lives overseas so I totally understand. Thank you for your input.. and good luck on your relationship <3

    2. I also agree it works for some. My good friend met her hubby online and it was love at first sight (sighs super cute) but the "others" are the ones I have issues with. LoL

  3. Thanks, weird thing is, he is the total opposite of what I usually would go for, have become a whole new person and found myself when I found him! : )

    1. Awwwwwwww that's sooooooooo cute!!! hey they do say "opposites attract" and that is awesome... I believe in changing for one another.. I dislike attitudes that say "who ever loves me has to love me for me am not changing for anyone blah blah blah" I dont think you'll stop being yourself if with a few tweaks here and there... and you didnt just CHANGE. You enhanced who you were for the best of the relationship!!! sooo cute!! <3