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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Black & White Mani for Sassy Saturday

Loved my black and White mani but.... 

It was too simple! So I added amazing Viva La Nails decals that I received as part of a product review. Look at how gorgeous. It really made the look! 

For this mani, I used W&W Black polish (unsure about the name) found it in my aunt's stash of bottles to throw away (who throws away nail polish???) and sinful colors snow me white, Cheeky plate CH51 and freehand stripes.

Decals come in cute packaging with protective film.  Easy to "peel" off the film to place onto your nails

I loved it so much I entered Shellys Sassy Nails monthly Nail Art Competition.  The first Saturday of each month, Shelly hosts this competition with a theme! this month's theme is Black & White.  

Per Shelly "Favorite Mani will be chosen Saturday evening by some of my non-nail friends and family and will receive a special Surprise Gift from me!! ♥ Only 1 Rule: photo Can be of an old mani, just please Not one that was entered in any other contests. If you have Any questions just ask :) International entries are welcome!"

Back to Viva La Nails, they are a professional nail supplies online store with everything you need for your nails, image plates, brushes, acrylic colors,rhinestones, GLITTER!!!, decals, fimmo sticks and more.  Pretty much everything you can think of ;) 

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  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just went to their site it really has EVERYTHING thanks for pointing me in their direction

  3. This is just stunning. I love the elegance of the black and white. Ahhhh!

    1. thank you!!!!!!!! I like that "Elegance" mmmm my brain just got bombarded with "elegant" ideas! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  4. this is so great i wish i could do that

    1. YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) just try ;) start with black tips and white stripes ;)