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Monday, October 1, 2012

Pet Unwanted Behavior? cat OR dog

Bringing in a new kitten to the home was not easy! you may remember my pleads and anguish for Maya to be nice to her new brother Milo.

When he first arrived they were immediately introduced.  I was holding Milo and Maya was standing near my feet.  She came to greet me at the door like she would normally and immediately noticed something was different.  Milo was put in a separate room.  He went into hiding for hours until he was finally willing to accept food from me.

He was in that room for weeks.  Slowly smelling eachother through the bottom of the door Milo and Maya became aware of eachother's presence.  One day, Milo was ready to explore the entire home, I opened the door and he ran away escaped into the wilderness of the home.. oh my! Maya was on her way upstairs and that's the first time they came into contact.  Maya was NOT very happy but Milo survived.  (plus, Maya had kitty claws so she wouldnt hurt him even if she tried).  She was really good, but for days, she seemed very down, blue, sad and depressed and wasnt eating as well as she would normally eat which worried me.

I allowed them a few minutes play time every day, but Maya was very agitated.  I decided to give Feliway a try since I had received several samples in the mail as part of a product review and it changed EVERYTHING.

Maya started eating better, she was more patient with Milo getting out of the room and immediately jumping on top of her.  After Feliway, she started grooming him and even sharing toys, she hated every toy after he had touched it.  What a spoiled brat some may say, but she has been a princess and all of the sudden there is a bugler roaming her territory.

She definitely looked a lot happier.  I was so worried about her to the point that I wanted to return Milo.

Am a big believer in Feliway now, not only they gained a blogger/reviewer to share the news but also a customer.

I was also supplied with a spray which is WONDERFUL! for the carrier.  Maya hates the carrier.  Every time I even open the door to the attic she RUUUNS for her life (that's where I store the carrier) I think she started to see the connection.  So I bring the carrier down, spray it a couple of times and let it sit, she comes close to it on her own and it's easier to just pick her up and throw her in :) she doesnt complain about it either all the way through our destination and even falls asleep in transit.

Now, Milo has started toilet training (yeah! on a real toilet) so they are technically sharing the litter box.  If you have or have had any cats you know that this is a recipe for disaster but it's for a good cause here.  When Milo was still using the litter box, Maya decided she didnt want to use the toilet anymore and would go about her business on HIS litter box which HE did not like AT ALL!  I make sure that Feliway's diffuser is always plugged in so the bathroom is a comfy atmosphere for them to do their thing.

Feliway works wonders with unwanted cat behavior such as scratching where they're not supposed to, spraying and aggressiveness.  To learn more, visit http://www.ceva.us/us/Products/Companion-Animals and give it a try.  Your pets truly deserve it.

For dogs, I had the opportunity to try Adaptil which works very similar to Feliway but on dogs.  I gave it to my cousin who has an American Eskimo, Prince is his name.  Prince belongs to my cousin but he's really the family dog.  I have the family cats lol Prince is not a well-behaved dog, he's got the terrible two's that children get.  It's his way or no way, because of how my cousin and his wife had been raising him.  Adaptil has helped them amazingly to achieve better results.  He's better at going to the bathroom and has even learned some tricks and when he's reprimanded for anything, he actually has sad puppy eyes, as opposed to spiteful, my way or no way kind of look.  (I hope it makes sense).  When my cousin first tried Adaptil, him and his wife sent me a message saying "We have never seen Prince so good and still EVER" he was sitting watching tv with them on the living room while Adaptil was plugged into the wall.

Stress is a major factor in unwanted behavior which can drive you to the decision of getting rid of your pet and is probably something as simple as moving your furniture around or as complex as bringing a new kitten home.  

Love your pet.  Understand the needs of your pet.

I know this is a loooot of words in one review, but I had to give you the complete story.

Love you guys.

Till next time.


  1. Adorable!!!!!!! I had heard of feliway but never really tried it it seemed expensive but looks like is worth it
    btw prince is a cutie too and i love reading about maya and milo

    1. I had the same impression, AND I thought my cat could never get stressed but it happens often.
      Yeah! he's a real prince.
      Thanks for your kind words. You'll see more of them around! =) they're my superstars <3

  2. This never worked for one of my cats. A friend had recommended it so we decided to try it. We got our cat when she was about 2 and she hated men (we think something must have happened to her previously) and took a terrible dislike to my husband. Hissing and spitting at him, though she never clawed him or anything like that.

    We tried this for a while and didn't notice a difference in her at all. Over time she settled and is now fine thankfully. She's turned into a wonderful cat, such good natured and loving.

    1. that is SOOOO SAD! spitting? ew! thank YOU!! for being patient! something must've really happened.
      Maya started disliking children which I saw a potential problem because I dont have any! that's why I decided to bring her a little someone that looks like her and called him Milo lol
      Now I cant say she "likes" my little cousin, but the hissing and the attempts to claw are gone and she hangs out in the same room as my little cousin (never seen before) I still dont let them get too close, but I think this positive change is attributed to Milo and the fact that she's more comfy around the home Feliway just might have something to do with it too! =)
      Glad to hear of a happy ending <3 on your story

  3. I was wondering if this product worked I have a female cat who...well lets just say she has anxiety issues. We've tried a water additive called "Good Cat" and it worked alright to calm her down maybe we should try this. I refuse to give up on my cat. She was a rescue and I would never take her back to the pound...black cats don't do well in adoptions (specially in my area) and I made a commitment to her when I brought her home. I will look into this thank you. :D

    1. Sometimes even just extra time with your little one can work wonders! I know what you mean about black cats.. My milo is a tuxedo cat, mostly black, and even I had second thoughts... I hope it works for you as well as it has for me.

  4. I'm glad feliway worked for you. When I bought my house, my cat started spraying, something she had never done before. I bought the feliway plugins and she started spraying where I had them plugged in! Eventually I ended up buying new carpet and not allowing her in my bedroom. Still looking for something that works...

  5. I've heard this stuff is great. If it would work to make my cat less of a pig for food, I'd plug them in all over the house.