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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Indie Invasion: Daring Digits

For today's indie invasion I am delighted to present True Love by Daring Digits and I found it's perfect match ... Good as Gold by Essie.  So yeah it concludes that True Love is Good as Gold <3<3

Seriously, Daring Digits just dares you to wear them!  so bold so nice!  

True Love is a gold glitter, I would say top coat, with medium size red hearts.  Because of its large size, the glitter, although evenly distributed, only goes a little bit at a time.  Seen here in 3 coats.  I wanted lots of glitter but 2 coats was pretty too! I had to do some fishing for the hearts but I didnt mind it.  The hearts stay in place and did not curl.

This polish is perfect for the upcoming holidays, valentine's, date night, girls night out or even a summer day! just speaks True Love :)

Daring Digits is 3-Free, cruelty free and you can buy it HERE.  Be sure to check out her store for more great items and like her page on Facebook
Best part:  it's only $7.75 :D  

What do you think??? I love reading comments!!!!


  1. What a great polish! It would be perfect for a holiday party! Love it xoxo

  2. Looks very pretty. The little hearts are so cute :)

    1. they are adorable! and stand out beautifully not tacky at all!

  3. Oh My True love is so beautiful!

  4. Love this essie shade! I have this one as well