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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Indie Invasion: Vivid Lacquer

Brand new Indie Invasion (for this blog) !! :) 
As part of a product review, I received these three babies from Vivid Lacquer.   

from left to right:  Autumn Harvest, Have Fun Storming the Castle and Sketchbook.
ANNNNNNNND I love her logo "" so classy and sassy.
You are going to love these! 

Sketchbook was the perfect additive to a french manicure.  For years, all I ever did to my nails was this plain, good 'ol french tip, not that is perfect but I've gotten a lot of practice, until I discovered the  addictive world of nail polish of EVERY color.  

gorgeous over the white.. but I wanted the tip to stand out so I simply re-painted the white tip for this look. 
I got a lot of compliments with this mani and who doesnt love compliments??

Sadly you can't appreciate the shimmer from the tiny glitter (pixiedust) that makes a part of this gorgeous polish. 

Next up is Autumn Harvest.  Believe it or not, my background color is simply my base coat.  

Autumn Harvest is another celebration of color... It just seems like  fall party with its bright colors at its best like the picture below I pulled off the net.   A combination of colors and shapes for a perfect harvest of wonder.

Go to full-size image

I wanted to go with a stripe of colors and stamping on the other side.  But I was so happy with the achieved design that I decided to leave it as is.  

Lastly, Have Fun Storming the Castle.  This is a beautiful blue with black and different shades of blue glitter and hexes, as well as silver (what I call pixie dust)

here;s over white and naked on thumb. 

Look at that beautiful sparkle <3 

Although my favorite is Autumn Harvest I got way too many compliments on Sketchbook =) 

Vivid Lacquer also makes image plates for stamping and can be found HERE.  Be sure to check out her store for more great items and like her page on Facebook.

What do you think?? I love reading your comments!  which one would you say is your favorite???


  1. ughhh I hate you french skills (in a good way) so perfect always

    1. haha thank you! but again, it's all i ever did for a looooong time so practicce practice to make perfect ;)

  2. Wow they all look Great!
    I really like skechbook with the franch Mani!

  3. lvoe what you did with autum harvest