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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mineral Hygienics Makeup: Review and Tips

#1 rated Mineral Makeup Mineral Hygienics sent me samples of their amazing product as part of a product review and I am positive you're going to love it too. 

I reviewed 2 shades of Foundation (medium and light).  They have 14 available colors, you are sure to find your match and offer 100% color match guarantee and 100% money back guarantee.   Anyway with 14 shades available you are sure to find the right one but how do you choose??  They can help you too! just click HERE.

Also reviewed finishing powder (available in silk translucent or matte)  a bronzer (cool kiss) and a Kabuki Brush.  

Besides being beautifully packaged.  It works beautifully too!!!!! 
it is made with only 4 ingredients, which means 0% oils, talc, fragrances, bismuth, synthetics, fillers, parabens or BHT (which I dont know what it is but it sounds bad).

easy to get to, containers dispose the right amount, I had a hard time getting this much out for the pic but went back inside easy.  I hate it when your makeup is spilled because of faulty containers.  This one checks ;) 

This is my skin approaching its worst days of the month (if you know what I mean)


and this is after application of the sheer mineral foundation.  A mix of light and medium shades. 

After one layer
Application with the brush is flawless.   To apply begin by buffing in a circular motion around the perimeter of your face and work your way towards the center ending with your cheeks and chin.   Blend blend blend!!! and re-apply for more layers as needed depending on the coverage you want and for special occasions or an added glow use the silk translucent ., I think of it as the "top coat" for the face (my nail polish loving friends will understand ;) 

On a regular day, my skin doesn't have the undesirable bumps or uneven tones as it does above but I wanted you to see my skin at its worse.  I liked it very much because it doesn't clog your pores, skin is vibrant it simply works as it says it will, leaves my skin feeling and looking youthful, not flaky and dry, so good, I really feel I could sleep with it on, in fact I have and my skin doesn't feel as if it was stuck to the bones.   I also love the healthy glow from the light bouncing off my face. =) 

Keep in mind that it takes a few seconds, sometimes minutes, for minerals to warm up in your skin so a little goes a long way.  

You can buy a mini starter kit for $29.99
For more product info visit mineralhygienics.com and for tips click on "Tips and Tricks"

Be sure to like them on Facebook for special offers and updates.


  1. I cant believe is only one layer great covrage i always have to add and add powder to my brush then feels like am wearing a mask =( foundation is not for me

    1. yeah one layer only foundation is for everyone you just havent tried the good ones... I deff recommend this brand.