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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bundle Monster: Image Plates 2012 Collection

It's Halloween but this monster has nothing to do with it ;) it's Bundle Monster a site with amazing deals for home, beauty and personal care, an array of accessories and... ready for this.... IMAGE STAMPING PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You may already know that I am in total love with stamping.  Although, my favorites are still freehand designs, who has time for that???   I wish I did but the truth is that I dont! I do my nails way too late at night am too tired to concentrate and with minimal effort I can have beautiful designs stamped and with this gorgeous set who can resist.  

This is the Bundle Monster Image Plate 2012 Collection that I received as part of a product review.

I was told that the plates might take anywhere from 15 to 30 days to ship and ughhhhhhh!!!!!! because it ships from Hawaii (how lucky are they to work there) but I was pleasantly surprised to have gotten them in 5 days! Shipping is super fast (provided that there are no hiccups along the way).   Bundle Monster offers a great return policy so you are sure to be satisfied as well.  Even if an item is purchased as part of a bundle you can return it individually for replacement.  See it HERE

Here are some of the designs I have made with this set. 

Rainbow Honey ONI and BM-305


October is not only celebrated because of Halloween but also because of Breast Cancer Awareness Month so in honor of this cause BM-321

This nail plate set comes with 25 plates featuring 6 designs on each plate equaling a total of 150 designs for only $21.99. Don't get intimidated by stamping it's done by professionals but also by nail enthusiasts like ourselves. This set makes a great gift too. 

The images are very easy to transfer and you are sure to find one for EVERY occasion.  No more wondering and pondering what to do on your nails ... well, never mind that.. there are so many choices.. good luck picking a favorite.

PLATE SPECS: Plate Dimension: 5.5cm in Diameter. Make and Finish: Made of Stainless Steel and has a shiny, glossy finish with a "Bundle Monster" paper backing and come in a distinctive case.  Does not take up too much room in your nail art supply bag or box.  Easy to clean and store.  

Be sure to check out their site and follow Bundle Monster through their social media platforms.  I personally love their Facebook page.  They have tons of pictures from fans and customers great source for ideas and inspiration. 

Website: www.bundlemonster.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bundlemonster
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bundlemonster
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/bundlemonster


  1. i love the monstle bundle image plates.xx

  2. I definetly want to get some image plates as soon as I can. I only have the cheap as seen on tv set... These are great... Awesome mani's... LOVE the breast cancer ribbon image.. Sooooooo awesome!