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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Got a smart pet?? Treat Triad

My pets are my children, I love them soooo much! Maya is super cool too! I mean, there arent that many cats out there that fetch and Maya is one of them! way too cool! way too smart. 
So I was wondering .. there are soo many things in the market to stimulate a person's brain, you got to give your brain a work out and same has to apply for pets and THERE IS!!! 

I received Kyjen's treat triad as part of a product review and although marketed for dogs, turned out to be the greatest puzzle solved in this household.  

It's a colorful standalone triad with 3 compartments.  The top (red) is a spinner that needs to be turned to unlock the three compartment where treats are stored.  There are holes on top of the spinner and compartment doors so that they can smell the treat.

Once unlocked, the door has to be opened and BINGO! puzzle solved. 


This is the second time I introduced the triad to them.   Pardon the background music it caught me by surprise.  Now, about two weeks in... They are both experts, Maya lifts the doors and keeps her head inside the compartment so that the it wont close.  and she now opens it with her paw as opposed to her head.!  haha! too cute. 

Very Important: It's super easy to clean, if needed, just wipe down with a damp cloth (or papertowel) and  done.


  1. Haha cool. One of my cats also fetches! I was quite surprised at this as I thought cats didn't do that. He's such a wee smarty pants as well. He also has soooooo many toys as well. He loves to bring the toys to us and meow - "hey play with me". He never gets bored of playing either and it's all about the playing with him and the sleeping!

    He'll sometimes make his own entertainment too, by wrapping a lace around the feet of our clothes horse and chase it.

    1. That is tooooo adorable! yeah! I think there are more dogs that DONT fetch than cat that DO fetch lol!
      My black tuxedo kitty he loves monkey in the middle haha!
      he also finds his own entertainment when Maya or me have had it for the day! lol! this toy was great to keep them both busy! but now that they figured it out it only takes them a little bit to open it get a snack and go on their merry way lol! we need something else haha!

  2. ohhh que hermosura se niños tienes

    1. Marceeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! =) cierto que si?!! mis bebesitos mimados =)

  3. Yo Quiero dos asi. Y me encanta lo que tiene puesto el murcielaguito!!!!

    1. Su tia dice que consigamos ocho haha! que pecaito! kiske muercielaguito ya tiene mas forma de gato y los pelitos ya no son tan flechudo.. Gloria dijo que parecia gatico pordioserito por chiquitico :( pero ya esta lindo :)