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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Toddy Gear: The Smart Cloth

I love hand held, filthy, smudge full, greasy devices' surfaces.  Every touchscreen device is full of yuck-iness because you just can't get your fingers off of it.  So I am very excited to review Toddy Smart Cloth from Toddy Gear.

This cloth offers dual sided cleaning: plush microfiber on one side and silk microfiber on the other to buff and polish.

and it comes in a wide array of beautiful patterns and colors.  

It's super compact, fits in your purse, wristlet, pocket you can safely keep it clean in the car or office and safe to use on any device, tablets, phones, LCD screens, etc.  
I love to clean my glasses with it too! and am not ashamed of taking it out, on the contrary, I have gotten many compliments.  
I hated cleaning my glasses with the hem of my shirt. 

Very practical and cute.  Reusable and Environment Friendly. 
Retails for $9.99 (5x7)
$14.99 (9x9) 

Toddy Gear introduced the Wedge also comes in many beautiful and stylish patterns.  Keep your phone protected steady, readily available and clean. 
Retails for $14.99

The only con I found is that my cat found it amusing to play and lay on =/ 

For more info go to www.toddygear.com and
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  1. How does it stand up?? Haha, these are gorgeous and I too, HATE cleaning my glasses with my shirt, it never seems to work. These are very affordable too, especially with the nice patterns and dual-sides.

    1. haha! excellent question.. it's a wedge like a triangle so it stands up and holds your phone or ipod
      I know.. my shirt just smudges it more
      :) they are really cute