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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crispy Green Snacks

As an "always hungry person" as my friends and fans have label me (lol) am always looking for better, healthier and tastier snacks.  I have found Cripy Green Snacks and received these as part of a product review. 

Real fruit. 
Mangoes, pineapples, apples, pears, strawberries, kivi, peach and bananas.

We really put them to the test.  My boyfriend and I made eachother bowls of oatmeal with real fruit and a pack of Crispy Greens (by the way, they are crispy indeed) and we had to guess which pieces were "real" fruit and which werent.  I placed Crispy Greens in his bowl carefully so that I would know which ones were which and for bananas especially, we couldnt tell... we went bananas lol.  The Crispy Green bananas oxidated (turned brown) slightly faster than the "real" bananas other than that, the smell and taste was just as good.  

The apples were slightly sweeter than the "real" apples.  We couldnt tell the difference on the mangoes and the other fruit tasted like fruits but were smaller in size (strawberries were my favs) .  

Crispy Greens are really crispy right out of the pack but when in the oatmeal got really soft just like real fruit. 

As opposed to my experience with other dried/dehydrated or otherwise snacks, these are bigger in size (YAAAAAY) and tastier.  As usual, I add these to my oatmeal and eat them alone and love them!  
Another perk I noticed that other dried snacks are sweeter sometimes tooooo sweet these are perfect. =)  (my tummy doesnt cope well with high sugar content snacks).  

Click HERE for where to buy! 

Highly recommend this for children.  Not messy and nutritious snacks super easy for the on-the-go mom and even for adults like me who just love to snack. 

From the Crispy Green website: This is how they are made:

Freeze-dried fruit is made using a freeze-drying process which is simple in concept but involves complex technologies. Fresh fruit is frozen and then placed in a drying chamber under vacuum. Heat is then applied to the shelves inside the chamber on which the fruit is sitting; water is evaporated from the fruit while it remains frozen (called sublimation process). The evaporated water vapor is then condensed onto freezer coils at the bottom of the chamber.
The freeze drying process is completed when the water has been removed (<1% moisture). In this dry environment, no microorganisms can survive. All enzymatic activities stop in this condition as well. Thus, freeze-dried fruit can be kept for years with no noticeable change in taste and other qualities once it's sealed in a moisture-free, UV-protected package.
Normally, it takes more than 10 pounds of fresh fruit to produce one pound of freeze-dried fruit because water makes up 80-90% of fresh fruit weight. Learn more about how freeze-drying works.

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  1. those look delicious! I am also often hungry and am always looking for delicious snacks to munch on that are also healthy. I have only tried freeze-dried ice cream before; never fruits, but I would love to try them especially after reading your positive review of this product :-)

    Margie Kairis