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Monday, October 1, 2012

Light Chaser

I received this light chaser collar as part of a product review from Petmate and it's the most fun thing out there!
I wonder if any cat has ever caught the red dot??

Cats are very playful, active pets, at least mine are.  As you know, my Maya fetches she's like the coolest cat out there! (next to yours of course) as cool as she is, she's also very demanding of attention and as much I looove spending time with her there are times where my hand gets tired of holding the laser pen for her to play! so THIS is purrrrrfect!

The Petmate Light Chaser comes with an adjustable velcro collar and replacement batteries.

I simply take the actual light out of the velcro and put it on her collar...(looks prettier)  and turn it on and off she goes.  A red laser dot comes out of the light hanging off of her neck on to the floor, so it's her natural instinct for her to chase after it.  Milo is still too tiny for it.  He clearly looks uncomfortable when the light hangs off of him, but he does enjoy chasing the light with Maya.

After this she jumped off to "catch" the red light.

I love watching her climb to get it.  
The light chaser seems to be very durable she's hit it against the floor many times and it hasnt been broken.  Batteries have been long lasting (replacement batteries included) and most importantly wont hurt my baby!. 

I would not leave it unsupervised but it is definitely one less thing I have to do when I come home from work.  I mean, watching them play is very fun! but having to hold the light not so much!  =) 

You can buy it at any petstore where they sell Petmate products. 

Visit Petmate.com to see all of their products for cats, dogs and birds.  You can make a wishlist and then head out to your favorite pet store.