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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Garden Botanika: Shadow Primer

<FONT color=#808F50>Bestseller </FONT>Shadow Primer

I received a shadow primer as part of a product review from Garden Botanika a brand new company (at least to me) that uses only the finest botanically based formulas as super environment friendly,  cruelty free ingredients and reusable and/or recyclable packaging.

I had never used a shadow primer... yes, I've used foundation primer but never shadow primer.  So this was a first.  I applied it using my ring finger on the entire lid and it's like foundation for the eyes it IMMEDIATELY brightened the eyes. A little goes a long way.

It makes shadow application smooth and the shadow colors more vibrant, also, am a shadow blender and noticed a great difference when blending because my lids are so smooth.  Keeps my shadow from creasing and lasts all day.  More importantly, it's moisturizing because it contains shea butter.  I must confess... I have used it without shadow (blushed face) just to "freshen-up" my face when I dont want to wear much makeup.

Shadow primer can be purchased HERE for only $13.00 (not bad at all)
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top shows with and bottom without.

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