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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix II, the second collection of magneticS

China Glaze Introduces Second Collection of Magnetic Nail Lacquers

Los Angeles, CA - (September 2012): Magnetic nail art took the beauty world by storm earlier this year, creating a nail art force that was hard for anyone to resist.  Following the phenomenal success of its first-generation Magnetix collection, China Glaze® introduces Magnetix II, an expanded second collection of magnetic nail lacquers. 

As with the first Magnetix line, Magnetix II by China Glaze® is infused with iron powders that shift when exposed to the China Glaze® Magnetix II Magnet.  The China Glaze® Magnetix II collection features six dramatic metallic shades:

· Gold Fusion – Rich gold 

· Positively In Love – Gorgeous magenta 

· Bond-Tastic – Soft rust 

· Get Charged – Dark lavender 

· Sparks Will Fly – Chic cobalt blue 

· Con-Fused? – Lively green

Along with the new shade line up, China Glaze® has created a second, specially designed magnet featuring three additional unique designs – a swirling circle, vertical lines and an intricate lattice.   The separate magnet allows more design options, especially when coupled with the original China Glaze® Magnetix Magnet.  Alternate designs, rotate the magnet, play with the positioning on the nail – the art creations are endless!

To create your own unique China Glaze® Magnetix II manicure:
Select desired magnet design.  Choose from Circles, Vertical Lines or a Lattice Effect.


Vertical Lines

Lattice Effect

Apply one coat of China Glaze® Strong Adhesion Base Coat to clean nails; allow to dry completely.

Designing one nail at a time for best results, apply one coat of Magnetix II nail lacquer. Immediately hold the China Glaze® Magnetix II Magnet over damp nail for 5-10 seconds, positioning so the built-in finger rest holds it steady. (If you happen to touch the magnet to damp polish, simply wipe clean with nail polish remover – it won’t damage the magnet.)

Once the design is fully developed and nails are dry, seal with China Glaze® Fast Forward Top Coat.

China Glaze® has also released a step-by-step video for the Magnetix II collection which can be viewed on China Glaze®’s official YouTube Channel.

I cant wait to try the different magnets. =) on bond-tastic (that's got to be my fav.... show me what you do when you get it ;) 


  1. more than the colors i wanna see the magnets i was wondering when they'd come up with this idea. thx for the update

  2. Those look beautiful! I love trying new polish thank you for sharing!

    1. you're very welcome! I cant wait to have a few in my hands well, my nails rather :-p