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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tractivity: Track Your Activities: Giveaway!

I received the Tractivity Premium Bundle for review and today, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share it with you. 

It consists of Tractivity sensor, USB, Insoles, Shoe Clip and a Waist Measuring Tape (to track your progress). 
The sensor attaches to either the shoe clip or can be inserted onto the the included insole.  
It's small, very discreet and easy to change from shoe to shoe.  I have used it on my heels, sandals, riding and hiking boots and sneakers.  

Every time you are active the sensor takes note of it and these "notes" are stored are then transposed into very easy to read charts that are kept private and confidential and can be easily accessed on your computer wirelessly through the USB adapter included.  The sensor communicates with the USB and all information is transferred to your computer giving you a very clear visual picture of your efforts, activities, calories burnt, weight and distance.

The premium bundle above retails for $69.95
But an essential bundle is also available for $29.95.  Including all essentials, USB, Sensor and Shoe Clip.  You can also purchase additional accessories.  It's durable you can still use it to walk in the rain.
I have used the shoe clip on sneakers, sandals and even high heel sandals.  =) 

I highly recommend that you purchase an additional sensor for only $19.95 for ease of access and have on two different pairs of shoes.  

Overall, Tractivity is very easy to use, charts are very easy to read, keeps me motivated knowing how many calories I burn in certain activities and love known that even when I don't think am being "active" (i.e. at work using the stairs as opposed to the elevator) I am actually burning calories. 

You can purchase Tractivity HERE or enter below for three of you to win an Essential Bundle

* Tractivity is designed to track activities that involve taking steps (e.g. walking, running, hiking, step classes) --- all day, every day, outdoors and indoors. It will accurately show you the steps you take, the distance you walk or run, the calories you burn, and the amount of time that you are active. Tractivity will also track other types of activities (e.g. cycling, skiing, skating, tennis, basketball), though only the amount of time that you were active for those activities will be valid. It can be used to compliment the features of a GPS-based run tracking product, though it is not intended to replace such products or to be as precise for measuring distance.


  1. I would love to try it because I am working hard to finish my weight loss goal and I think it would be helpful.

  2. I would love to try this because I need to lose some weight

  3. I often wonder about how many calories I might be burning just doing some household chores. I tend not to include that when I think about exercise, but it does count! Tractivity would help me see that and include it in my activity tally.

    Thanks so much!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  4. I want to lose some weight, and I am pretty curious about how many calories I burn every day.

  5. i like how it keeps track of everything.

  6. I've recently started a C25K program and would love to have this to help me track things.