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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slumber Rest: Warming Pet Pad

As I stated on my post of the sunny seat window mounted bed I love reviewing pet products because pets, especially Maya either Like or dislike a product.

I received the Sunbeam Slumber Rest Warming Pet Pad as part of a product review.  It's a pet pad, great for the floor or to keep them off the couch, I use it as a cushion for our sunny-seat-window-mounted-bed.            

It warms up just perfect.  You see it unplugged in the picture because it was a hot summer night. 

Maya now loves her window and cushion.  When we're at the other room for a while and she's laying on the floor I just pick up the pet pad and she goes straight to it.  She loves it. 
as for me, I love it too!  Maya sheds a lot this pad is easy to wipe with a hair removal sponge and removable cover is machine washable. 

Retails for $49.99

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