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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where's Milo's OFF button???

Here's my youngest!  He's not in school yet, am guessing he's going to be homeschooled lol.  
he has been such a trip, first his lightly positive diagnosis of feline aids which would not have been a problem if he was the only cat in the house.  Oh well! (long story there) but am glad that worry is gone.  Turns out he got anti-bodies of the disease from his mommy (his other mommy lol cuz am his real mommy lol)  but they have gone away.  

Then he had a slight reaction to vaccines... which also went away... 

Luckily other than the above, he's been a very healthy, loving, cuddly kitten.. except when he's hyper and boy! what a hyper kitten he is.  His "on" button gets pressed at around 7in the morning until about 9pm and on and off in between.  That's a whooooole day of running around.  He hops down the stairs, chases Maya around the house and when Maya has had it he starts following me around the house and playing with my bamboo curtain which he always gets in trouble for doing. 

At feeding time, he gets between Maya's legs onto her plate (go ahead and picture that) Maya just steps  back (yeah while he's still completely under her) and while HE EATS HEEER FOOD she looks at me and meows.  I feel bad for my little princess.  She's sooo considerate of him.  I tell her use your size to your advantage while you still can, she's about 3 times his size and wont push him off her plate lol.  
So I have to take him to his room, feed him there and make sure he stays there at least until Maya is done eating and grooming and then eating again lol.

Maya has found a new at-peace place high above the ground where little Milo can't get to her tail.  She jumps up on the piano bench then onto the piano to the window where she stands then jumps to my liquor cabinet which is about 5 feet high and just lays there as another home decor item.  I have to get a picture of that.  You'll absolutely love it.  

She hasnt knocked anything down (yet) and Milo just looks and stares at her.  I wonder if he's planning his way up??

Most likely!!

This is him on a Sunday afternoon while his mommy (me) is busy thinning out old nail polish I kept in a box rescuing some amazing colors.  So empty the box and suddenly it becomes his play  ground. 

I really dont have to buy him any toys, he loves to play with whatever he finds.  I love him! sooo freaking much!  am sure Maya does too! but at times he can really be a handful.  He needs an "off" button so to turn him "off" I hold him in my arms like a baby (a human baby) and after a second or two he starts drifting off into dreamland until I try to put him down he starts running as if he never took a nap. 

I love you little Milo! 

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