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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Signs of a mouse in MY HOUSE!!!!! AHHHHH

I have two, not one but TWO cats in my house (and I still cant believe it) and I see signs of a mouse inside my laundry closet (it's a stacked machine fits in a closet) where I also keep the cat food and this is what I found.

The cats were innocent as the door to the closet is always shut.  Occasionally my bf comes uses the machine or feeds the cats and may leave it slightly open but still no way the cats can get in. 

Well!  yesterday, we were both laying on the couch, literally just sitting, even the tv was off and Milo was sitting with us, I even think I dozed off for a bit and suddenly we witnessed the "mouse" entering the closet.  IT WAS MAYA!!! we shut the door really good and were paying closer attention to the door for a day after I found the opened bag of cat food.  and we saw it all! 

She opens the doors by herself.  I mean, she's got skills! and enters and climbs up to the 5th shelf and gets what she wants.  I could not believe my eyes,.... right in front of us with no shame.  She's been stalking me and sees where I get their food from in the morning. 

I mean! this is better than having a mouse to worry about especially in a 2-cat household. 
Now I just have to tie the door knobs it's one of those doors that is kept shut by a magnet.  

My Princess is too smart for her own good.


  1. Cats are amazingly smart, aren't they???!!! My cats can can open cupboards and turn doorknobs! Love them dearly, but yes, they are too smart for their own good!

  2. Oh wow! We had our first mouse just recently. Thankfully my cat Sam is a great mouser. As soon as I saw signs of a mouse I just shut him in the kitchen and within a few minutes he found it. Sounds like you have a very smart furaby, I'm glad it wasn't actually a nasty mouse!

  3. That's hilarious! Bad kitty! But much better than having a mouse. About a week and a half ago I saw a mouse crawling down the side of our house (outside). It sort of answered last year's question about where the odd mouse was coming in. I had suspected the chimney, but wasn't sure. Now I am. I like mice in general, but I do not like to share my house with them!