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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunny Seat: Window Mounted Bed

You guys know Maya by now, and know she works hard and plays hard and well... sleeps as much as she can.
Of all of the products that I receive for review, pet products excite me the most because pets like it or dont! and that's that! they (pets), and especially Maya, don't look at the pros and cons of a product or tell us why the like it or dont! they just do! or dont!  =) I love it! and nothing makes me happier than seeing my babies happy.

I received this Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed and  Maya loved it as I was putting it together. 

Notice the suction cups? The company tested over 100 suction cups and these hold up to 50 lbs.  Great for fun, acrobat cats or just for a peaceful nap. 

Or to be able to see what happens in town.  Day or night. 

12'' by 22''.  No tools are required, installs in seconds.  As a cat lover I had tried two other window perches that were only useful when Maya was a kitten then she got heavier and the perches couldnt hold her weight. 
It features a machine washable cover, easy to remove.  

AND IT'S ONLY $19.99
I had to bold it and make it large because I had to throw away the inexpensive perches but this one is definitely a keeper. 

For more info visit sunnyseat.com
and like them on Facebook www.facebook.com/sunnyseat


  1. Oh wow!!! She looks like she loves it!!!! It would be money well spent for any pet (cat) lover :)))

    1. thank you, no question about it... we have another one that broke within days and took my window sill with it =( this one still in place and she loves jumping to get to it! =)