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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jonathan's Lazy Spoon

Look at this!!!!!!!! how convenient.  
I received the spootle lazy spoon as part of a product review... this is a really innovative product, i love it because to be honest, there are things I dont cook on PURPOSE because of how messy it can get, with all the stirring and putting the spoon on the side of the pan etc.  This solves that problem stir and leave the spoon there and it wont fall off nor out of the pan.  =) 

Love IT! 

Retails for $32.00 
I have used it for several weeks now and realized that it is WORTH EVERY PENNY! 
I want this one to be my next lazy spoon 

Click HERE to see different kinds of lazy spoons =) and other products for baking, cooking and serving.
You'll LOVE IT!

As any wooden spoon, do NOT put in the dishwasher.  click HERE for care instructions

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