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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Cosmetics

I bring you today the most adorable make-up collection from Little Cosmetics.  I received it as part of a product review and you will love it as much as I do.  Do you worry about the little divas in your household grabbing your make up to play and "experiment" and let their imagination flow.. and who knows, you may just have the next make up artist.   

Little Cosmetics has created the most adorable collection.  It's pretend make-up, with a very realistic look which means they get to play with their own makeup and you dont have to replace yours nor clean up the mess after they're done playing.  
Everytime I put makeup on and a little one is around, she has to have some too or else... so this is perfect!  Leave mine alone now because you have your own. 

It comes with the following:
Pressed Powder Compact
Iridescent Lip Gloss*
Pink Blush Compact
Glitter Shadow Pot 
Eye Shadow Palette
Makeup Brush Set

All comes in a Pink Organza Carrying Bag

Looks and feels real to the touch but nothing shows up on their eyes, hands, lips, carpet, clothing LoL, etc.  no color and NO CHEMICALS! on their delicate faces.  

WARNING TO THE LITTLE ONES: Please do NOT let your mom take your makeup brushes  lol!  yes!!!! they are real make-up brushes. 

My favorite has got to be the glitter pot!! it looks and feels so real! yet, no mess =D (SCORE!!!!)

Look at what I found:

Glitter is her favorite too! 

Such a diva :) 

Sets start at $20.00.

Be sure to check them out


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