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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kyjen Outward Hound Pet Carrier

We took Milo to the vet for his booster shots and cats always have to be in carriers and look at the cute pet carrier I got from Kyjen as part of a product review.  It's pink because I was really thinking about Maya and I but it suits Milo's needs better.  ;)   He was so well behaved.. he just looked around, i guess he was still unsuspecting of his visit to the vet and enjoying all the compliments on what a cute kitty he is.  Also got lots of compliments on the cute carrier.

It's the Kyjen Outward Hound Pet Carrier.  Am lucky enough to have cats that stay in place and still when going to the vet's office, there are many cats who will try to climb out in no time.  In that case, this is better for dogs.  

It's safe for children to carry their pets in and you dont have to be afraid of the carrier being dropped. 
It has adjustable padded shoulder straps, fabric is soft, sturdy and durable, waist strap for added stability and comfort, safety leash collar attachment for added security, well ventilated sides, 

practical side and front pockets

Spacious inside, Milo is so dark you can really see it, but you can see his white paw.
padded bottom for pet comfort. 

drawstring top, 

Perfect for small dogs, small cats and other small pets.  Again, be aware of your cat's space needs in a carrier.  This is good for Milo because he stays in place and doesnt care too much about moving around.  Maya on the other hand would be very uncomfortable as I cannot carry her with her head out of the carrier, she will most definitely try to climb out and there isnt much room inside for her to only sit comfortably as  Milo.  

Here are the measurements:

Height: 9 in.
Width: 11 in.
Length: 15 in.
Weight: 1.77 lbs.
carries up to 20 lbs.

Retails for $35.99

For other products go to http://shop.kyjen.com/


  1. This is really cute and a great idea. We love our pets as children, so why not carry them like children? This seems much more comfortable for both pet and owner as well.

    1. that is true... they are my furry children. It really is and not a struggle to get them in! (for my cats at least). =)