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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spicy Dream Fall 2012 Collection: Jessica

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today, I am reviewing  the Spicy Dream Collection by Jessica Cosmetics.  I first told you about Jessica when I reviewed their Gelato Mio Collection.. Check it out HERE you'll love it. 

I cannot believe we're talking fall already! time really flies when you're having fun! Am just way too excited about this collection it's full of fall shades and fun stuff and even the names and the possibilities are limitless... This is one collection that makes me want to have more fingers.  

I wanted to do soooo many things for the review of this collection, but again I only have few fingers so I came up with this idea =) 
Using a nail wheel, each color was applied to three nails, one coat is finished with a matte top coat (NYC) (hottest new trend), one has a little creative design and the last was left alone so you can appreciate it on its "natural form" 

now on to it!! =) 

First up is champagne bubbles (738), it's a beautiful silvery shimmer...seen here in one coat.  Shines beautifully alone and look at the matte (sighs)  simply gorgeous.  It simply invites you to explore.

Next up is Cinnamon Kiss (734) this is a beautiful polish with an orange-red glow to it and slight shimmer which is easily opaqued by the matte top coat for an entire different look.  This polish reminded me of OPI's German-icure which I do not own (yet) but my instinct screams, if not a dupe! it's rather close. 

Crimson Tattoo (737) is my absolute favorite, it's a red red red wine color with an amazing shine gorgeous in matte too!

Up next is Brown Sugar (739)  as the name implies, it's a brown color it made me think of fall, falling leaves and teddy bears, i know that one was kind of random but who doesnt like nail art teddy bears??

Gingersnap (736) another shimmery color with hints of red, yellow and orange, super appropriate for the season, great for the holidays.  

I love this one in matte it's Pumpkin Delight (735) Layers beautifully with other members of the collection.  Very similar to Gingersnap, however, pumpkin delight is more of redish shimmer while Gingersnap is more of a gold-yelowish shimmer.  Both must-haves!

The collection is full of shimmer except for Crimson Tattoo and Brown Sugar. mmmm now am craving gingerbread and pumpkin pie! my fall favorites =) 

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Individual bottles retail for $7.50 click HERE to see more colors.

Happy Fall!!!!!!!!!


  1. lol now you made me want to make pumpkin pie

    1. =) yumm! it's one of my favorites my fam and i do it every year and i even have it "offseason" I love it!

  2. what a gorgeous collection I loved gelato mio love what you did and totally understand about wanting more fingers lol

    1. thank you Lizzy, yeah that was a really cute collection and thx i dont feel like a loner wanting more fingers =) lol