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Monday, September 24, 2012

Indie Invasion: Nail Potions: Flame Point Siamese

I previously reviewed Nail Potions Nubian Princess HERE and Calico.  As part of a product review I was also provided with Flame Point Siamese from her Kitty Collection

It's a fun-filled, adorable kitty with just the right amount of glitter in different shades of blue and orange on a white base.

I love all of Nail Potions polishes so you can say am biased,   Seen above (unsure why it looks so yellow) in two coats.  Can be worn "naked" or layered.  Working with this indie maker has been a real pleasure, she really puts herself into her work and I admire that! 

I seriously had NOOO luck whatsoever photographing this baby! so I took this picture right from the Etsy store.  It really, honestly looks like that! 

If this polish was a real cat, I'd see it as a happy cat because of its lustrous and shiny coat and smiley face (yes, cats do smile)

Flame Point Siamese - Nail Potions Polish 15ml

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