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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Safety First: Biking Reflective Gear: GIVEAWAY

Hi!!!!!!! as you already know, I love biking, however, we're approaching that time of the year when sun goes down earlier, therefore, it gets dark before you know it and being "invisible" becomes a safety hazard as opposed to a cool super power. 

I received this Beamer reflective saddle bag from CycleAware.com as part of a product review.  Whatever you put on your bike, PLEASE! let it be reflective so that cars and can see you. 

First up is the Beamer Reflective Saddle Bag.  It's a grayish-silverish color, soft textured and soft lining,  easy to clean, perfect for your phone, ipod, keys and wallet whatever you need to go on a ride.  It a lot more convenient than carrying a bag around your waist to store valuables.  

I had two concerns before starting to use it.  It was a hot day, will my phone get super hot in there?? and will it stay on the  bike? I did not want to lose my phone, keys and wallet.  
Phone stayed cool and protected with the soft lining.  And the Beamer is "guaranteed to stay put" did not move, the band around it keeps it in place, nice and tight and super easy to install. 

HIghly reflective, this picture was taken at dusk with a camera phone and the Beamer really stands out.  

The Beamer retails for $23.00 

Check Cycleware out! and follow and like their social platforms.

Wanna try it for yourself:
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  1. This is fantastic! My oldest is too cool to ride his bike anymore but my youngest isn't. Old mom had to break out hers, dust it off and show'em I could still beat them around the block. LOL Great giveaway, thanks for the chance:)

  2. I could definitely use a safety first bag on my bike!

  3. This is awesome! My son would love this. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. I would be giving this to a friend if I were to win Ty!

  5. This make a great gift for riders, thanks

  6. I actually use a wheelchair, and I'm always looking for better ways to carry small things when I'm out for a walk. I don't want to carry a bag or backpack for a short outing, but I need my hands to be free. This sounds PERFECT, especially since it's reflective!

    Thanks so much!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com