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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ocean Rush: Hologram Effect

Look at this beauty!  it's Ocean Rush from Layla Cosmetics' Hologram Effect Nail Polish Collection.   

I received this as part of a product review and because this is my first Holo Effect bottle, I couldnt not wait to share it with you guys!  I love it.  With blue being my favorite color and a beautiful rainbow effect <3 It makes me happy!  

Simply wait until completely dry (super quick dry) between coats so you dont mess up the first coat, apply a second coat and you're done!  Layla says you dont need a base coat as it wont stain your nails but I dont know, am too much of a chicken to try it without, my nails stain with the mere thought of a stain. 

Layla's products are 3-free (yaaay)

It comes with a buffer as you may need to buff and shine your nails slightly to achieve the effect, for me, it worked without.  Acrylics and gels do NOT need to buff.  
Hologram effect comes in many other colors check them out HERE


zebra tips and accent
easy to apply, long lasting and amazing to look at.  Perfect for nail art too! 
Makes me feel like I have a rainbow at my fingertips <3 
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  1. OMG this is an amazing polish!! I just received my first holo's in the mail today but I want this one!!!!! It almost looks 3D, the holo effect is so strong!