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Sunday, September 9, 2012

NFL Season=Snacks

You all know am a snacker!!! and the best way to enjoy a snack is with friends =) and my friends like sports =) 
and Football season is here!!!!!!!!!! =) 
so when they come over to see the games they love my snacks.. so much that am starting to think that's why they come over lol 
anyway!!!! when you think of snacks think of HERR'S
Herr's must have known this because look at all the goodies they sent me for a product review. I did not like the jalapeno peppers as I do not like spicy stuff other than that everything was delicious and perfect for game night! Sunday Night and Monday Night Football are on! and now better with Herr's.

Also, Herr's promotes ecology awareness and works towards maintaining a healthier planet. 
Check out their EcologyAwareness Page from waste management in the manufacturing process to packaging of the final product. 
As well as making financial contributions to several, not one or two, but several charitable entities click HERE for a complete list.

Herr's products are priced reasonably and available at many retailers where you buy your groceries =) 
Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/herrs
Let the best team win!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) 

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