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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sally Hansen: Salon Manicure

I received Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure (419) as part of a product review.  For years, all I did on my nails, if anything, were french manicures and when I got my hands on any sheer, holographic-neutral colors, I'd say they were "uñas de princesa" which means Princess Nails =)

I love this color!

Application, as with all Sally Hansen polishes, is seamless.  I was first intrigued by the rectangular brush but made application that much better, it holds more polish for better coverage.  Dries super fast and welcomes all sorts of nail art. 

Stay tuned for more nail art featuring this beautiful polish. 

Here's my favorite French Manicure variations. 

Sorry about my "scarface" hello kitty... accidents happen when you try to tie your hair with dentable nail polish :-9 


Activewearusa.com has the largest selection of women's Activewear from over 120 top brands.
Everything you need, you can search by activity


Or brands

As part of a product review, I received an ion Actif halter top.  made of 88% supplex and 12& Lycra.  Keeps me comfortable and dry while working out.  Am flexible in it and it's fitted (stylish) I use it for working out, biking, hiking and even for quick errands.

Customer service is outstanding, competitive pricing and am amazingly wide selection of activewear items.  Check out their site for specials, promotions and newest trends in activewear. 

www.activewearusa.com and be sure to like them on Facebook www.facebook.com/activewearusa


Interchangeable Shoes: GIVEAWAY

Zipz Shoes brings us the coolest concept for ALL shoe lovers.  How many times, we wish we could just change our shoes as easy as a zip ;)  Look at what I got as part of a product review.  I love it!

"open your mind to the revolution that is Zipz shoes! Zipz shoes are the world’s first and only interchangeable shoes! Our inventive and worldwide patented technology in both utility and design provides our customers the ability to interchange shoe components as they see fit. Whether its fashion, function, or fun Zipz shoes have it covered."

So many styles to choose from.. you'd want them all. 

So basically, the sole is fixed and you can change the top as you wish.   They are super comfy, secure zipper so you dont have to worry your sole will slip away while walking! 
At first the zipper was a little too hard, but soon "broke in" and now I zip in and out of the shoes. 

This particular pair looks a lot like Converse and dont worry, the zipper is hardly noticeable.  As a shoe lover, I love receiving compliments on my shoes, the style and quality is unquestionable.  My favorite thing is that you dont have to buy your favorite shoes in every color, costing you $$ and where would you store all those shoes???  Here, just buy the cover ;)  and zip in and and out of different shoes.

I am personally very impressed by the idea.  They come in high top, low top and slip on with different colors and patters and sizes for men, women, youth and toddler.  

YOU MUST CHECK THEM OUT!!  enter below to win your own pair
Be sure to check out their social platforms.
US only, prize will be shipped by sponsor.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer: Cardigan & Midnight Satellite

I first told you about Pomegranate when I shared their press release of their 2012 fall collection and now... I can show you two of their new colors "in person" =)

I received Cardigan and Midnight Satellite as part of a product review.  I came home from work to find that I had left my keys in the office.  So I sat there and found that this package had arrived.  So there I was with two bottles of brand new nail polish and naked nails as I had removed (more like peeled) my polish throughout the day! so figures!  I started painting away! =D

FYI - given the circumstances I did not apply a base coat.  Will update on any adverse results, if any, in a few days.  I really liked this mani!  I intend to keep it for a few days!

Anyway... Here they are.
I apologize in advance for the  middle nail! my cat jumped on the bed to get to the other side of the room rather quickly because he knows he's not allowed and his tail touched the nail!

First up is Cardigan: (upper left corner) it's a really cute, fun, color, is not as bright as in the pictures.  seen above in 3 coats and 1 coat (sheer).  very shiny-no top coat and I love the name... who doesnt like cardigan sweaters in the fall!  season perfect jelly polish!!

Midnight Satellite is next and this is another teal but nocturnal shade (to be worn all day!) has a beautiful silver sparkle makes me think of Kiss Me  the song from Dawsons Creek
"Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor" 
My first instinct was to immediately put them together and I DID!!! both were very easy to apply the bottle bit sheer but they are jellies but 3 coats covered my nails very well and it did not take 3 days to dry! =)

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer is 4-free.. no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor
Made in the USA
long wearing and gorgeous!
Retails for $9.00

See it for yourself.
You can buy it at http://www.pomegranatelacquer.com
and be sure to check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pomegranatenaillacquer

Usually I have a favorite when given two or more to review... I cant pick! which one is your favorite???

Cheeky Stamping plates:Review & GIVEAWAY

This has got to be the best collection ever made!! 26 plates and one fairy tale.  you MUST check out the Cheeky Summer 2012 Collection that I received for review.  Even my little Milo loved it and he's never gotten past a paw trim ;) (unlike my Princess Maya  that gets a pawdicure all the time lol) He just wouldnt get off my setup.. I had to share it with you lol

esta tiene que ser la mejor coleccion que hayan echo antes.  26 placas para estampar y una hermosa historia.  tienen que ver la coleccion de verano de  Cheeky  2012.  Hasta a mi pequeno Milo le encantaron y el no ha pasado de un corte de unas (no como a mi Princesa  Maya  que le hago su paticure todo el tiempo)  El tenia que salir en la foto.  Yo lo tenia que compratir con ustedes. 

Anyway... back to Cheeky! 
All 26 plates come in a beautiful storage box that opens up like a story book and tells a Cheeky story ;) 

En fin... Volviendo a Cheeky. 
Las 26 placas vienen en una cajita para guardarlas y se abre como un libro de cuentos y hasta cuenta una Cheeky historia ;) 
Our New Wonderful Packaging!!!

also includes your official Cheeky Nail Art License and precautions ;) 
tambien include la lisencia oficial de artista de unas y unas precauciones ("un hermoso manicure puede causar ataques al corazon")
Nail Art License :)
The collection features all stamping favorite categories, floral, sports, space, cute cartoons, patterns, print, music, under the sea, girls' night out, shopping and mall and my favorite NEW YORK!!!  (see below) and more!!!

La coleccion tiene placas en todas las categorias, floral, deportes, interespacial, caricaturas, patrones de diseno, musica, bajo el agua, noche de chicas, ir de compras  y mi favorita Nueva York!!! (mira abajo) entre otras. 
The Complete Collection! Probably The Best Nail Art Set Ever Made!

CH38  done over my green shade gradient.

These plates and images are the biggest available in the market at the moment (full nail designs are 1.5x2cm) exactly what we, nail lovers, were waiting for.  The image transfers easily onto the stamper and onto nail even the most intricate designs. 
Estas placas e imagenes son las mas grandes disponobles en el mercado en este momento.  (diseno completo de unas es 1.5 x 2cm) exactamente lo que esperabamos.  Las imagenes se transfieren con facilidad al aplicador y de ahi a la uña hasta los diseños mas detallados.

CH54 I <3 NY!!!! (my fav)
Mi favorita!

football done with CH35 after last Thursday's victory of the Giants (Giants v. Panthers)
Pelota de futbol americano echa con la placa CH35 despues del partido del pasado Jueves depsues de la victoria de los Giants de Nueva York contra los Panthers de Carolina. 

Amazingly well put together.  several images per plate.  Storage box also fits my other Cheeky plates.  and Nail Artist License can be used as a scrapper in case of an emergency.  Plates come with blue film to protect them and paper backing to avoid scratching. 

Muy bien pensado.  varias imagenes por placa.  A la cajita para guardarlas tambien le caben mis otras placas Cheeky y la lisencia tambien puede usar como raspador en caso de emergencia.  Placas vienen con pelicula protectora y cubiertas en la parte de atras para que no se rayen.  

I am very satisfied with this collection.  Again, it has everything you need, it is impossible to EVER get bored of these plates.  I Love the themes in each one.  If there is one you want to see in particular let me know ;) 
Quede completamente satisfecha con esta coleccion.  De nuevo, tiene todo lo que necesites, es imposible aburrirse con estas placas.  Me encantan todas.  Si hay alguna que quisieras ver avisame ;)

Can be purchased from Cheeky and retail for $24.99 (great bargain!) and ships internationally
be sure to check them out on Facebook for pictures, tips and latest releases and news. 

Compralas por Cheeky a $24.99 y tambien tienen envio internacional.
No olvides darle "me gusta" por Facebook para ver mas fotos, consejos y sus ultimas placas.


Cheeky knows how much I love my fans so they also sent me some nail wraps and foils for YOU!!!!! 
And I am adding some other goodies to make this an amazing giveaway.  Enter below!  
Must have US or Canada shipping address.  
One grand prize includes the stamping plates, stamper set and sinful color nail polish.

Cheeky sabe que las quiero tanto que me mandaron cositas para ustedes tambien y yo anadi alguotras ;) 
El premio mayor incluye dos placas, set de raspador y un esmalte de sinful colors.

ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! DISFRUTA!!!!!!!!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Indie Invasion: Nail Potions: Flame Point Siamese

I previously reviewed Nail Potions Nubian Princess HERE and Calico.  As part of a product review I was also provided with Flame Point Siamese from her Kitty Collection

It's a fun-filled, adorable kitty with just the right amount of glitter in different shades of blue and orange on a white base.

I love all of Nail Potions polishes so you can say am biased,   Seen above (unsure why it looks so yellow) in two coats.  Can be worn "naked" or layered.  Working with this indie maker has been a real pleasure, she really puts herself into her work and I admire that! 

I seriously had NOOO luck whatsoever photographing this baby! so I took this picture right from the Etsy store.  It really, honestly looks like that! 

If this polish was a real cat, I'd see it as a happy cat because of its lustrous and shiny coat and smiley face (yes, cats do smile)

Flame Point Siamese - Nail Potions Polish 15ml

Be sure to Like Nail Potions on Facebook  
and visit her Etsy Store

Ila Security: MUST HAVE in every purse

ila Dusk Personal Alarmila Pebble Keyring Alarm
Everyone is at risk at all times, if you EVER leave your house you run risks of bad things happening to you, to anyone.  Bad "guys" (or gals) are always awaiting opportunity for crime.  Yes, opportunity.  Most crimes today -I think- are attributed to opportunity crimes, if you leave your car door open, chances are bad guys will most likely rob your car rather trying to open a locked one.
Walking alone, purse in hand, unaware of surroundings, there's a clear opportunity.  For these reasons, I was very excited to review the Ila Dusk Personal Alarm and Pebble Keyring Alarm.

These devices are personal alarms super easy to activate.  Alarms are very effective known deterrents.

This is the back side of the Ila Dusk.  Look at the cute design front and back.  Simply pull the chain and it "screams" for your safety.  Can be easily carried on your keys.  I gave this one to my 11 year old cousin who often walks alone from school.  It hangs from her backpack as a cute accessory and she actually hangs on to it when walking.  Stylish, and no one will ever know.  =)  To deactivate, simply place the pin back into the dusk.

The pebble works in the same way.  It is a high-decible alarm.  This one I keep on my finder key purse  with my keys.  There is no reason not to have these on display at all times and accessible when needed (hopefully that is never) 
To activate, press the button in the center and at the same time pull out the top section.  The pebble requires a little more operation (press the button AND pull) that's why I chose the Dusk for my little cousin.  The top part of the pebble stays with your keys so you dont lose those in desperate times.

Both come ready to be used for about 3 years.  Batteries are NOT replaceable or rechargeable.  I thought this to be inconvenient but when it comes to safety I dont want to have to worry about batteries.  
To deactivate, place the top part back on the pebble. 
The alarms will continue to sound continuously for about 10 minutes.  If you lose the pin or the top part there is no way to replace it or silence the alarm without these.

About ILA
"ila Security was launched in 2008, a joint collaboration with global communications agency BBH, whose clients include Audi, British Airways and Lynx/Axe. Its creation addresses what was a significant gap in the global market in the area of stylish female safety and personal security accessories.

A 2010 YouGov/Glamour magazine survey reveals that 68% of women are seriously concerned about their personal safety – and the same women also want to look stylish and fashionable. In response to this need, ila Security provides a must-have range of accessories that are chic, feminine and versatile. 

Because when it comes to safety and style, there shouldn’t have to be a compromise."

To learn more be sure to check out their WEBSITE
Like them on FACEBOOK
and Follow them on TWITTER